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The 60 Minute JetClear - $150

Discover for yourself...

Why the all natural jetpeel treatment has become the preferred skin treatment in the entire world

What is the Jet Clear?

The Jet Clear is an all natural, virtually painless, skin treatment that dramatically improves the appearance and texture of your skin, providing beautiful results from your very first treatment session.

How does the Jet Clear work?

Each Jet Clear treatment will gently "pressure wash" your skin utilizing water, oxygen and anti-oxidant supplements, delivered at supersonic speed. This gentle cleansing unclogs pores and removes any debris that has naturally built-up in the skin over the years. In addition, each treatment session provides micro-circulation to the treated area. Your skin will appear more vibrant, smooth and youthful.

How many treatments do I need?

Jet Clear treatments are usually performed in a series of sessions. The actual number depends on your skin condition.

Jet Clear treatments are usually performed every 14 to 30 days.

Thereafter "touch-up" or maintenance treatments are scheduled as needed. These sessions have proven to be very helpful in maintaining a client's skin clarity and "luster".

This is what you receive for the Jet Clear Facial Treatment

Double Cleansing

Enzyme Peel

Jet Clear Treatment

Oxygen Infusion Treatment - Serums for your skin condition

Sound Therapy for Lymphatic Drainage - 10 minutes

Vitamin C Serum

Moisture Booster Serum

Eye Serum


SPF 30

Lip Enhancement Treatment